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New Speculative Development Application 22/00167/OUT

Gladman has submitted a new speculative planning application (ref 22/00167/OUT ) for outline planning for a development of up to 125 houses on Shenton Lane. This is in addition to their original application to develop land by the cemetery.

The proposed development would cover the area between the back of the houses on Stanley Road and Shenton Lane, with access to the site just south of the allotments on Shenton Lane.

The proposed development is for up to 125 houses on an area of land in open countryside outside the town's defined settlement boundary and contrary to the overwhelming wishes of the residents in consultations held prior to the Neighbourhood Plan.

You may have received a leaflet through the post, produced by the saynotogladman group. Whilst this takes a similar position to the Parish Council and BVPG it is not a PC or BVPG document.

Residents are aware that the Owl Homes development by the canal is underway and a planning application for the Station Field development is anticipated shortly. These two developments on the south side of Station Road, together with the additional windfall sites already permitted or completed (infill on spare land, conversion of Ambion Court etc), will more than meet our housing needs requirement until at least 2026 with capacity for our requirements to 2039 based on current figures.

This latest application and other recent speculative development proposals would triple our housing requirement and add almost 300 unnecessary houses and a further potential 400+ vehicles to the existing congested Station Road traffic.

Please bear in mind that:

  • This is a new application and any previous comments you may have made relating to this site will not be taken into account by the planning department. Do not be confused that many of the documents on the HBBC website are dated February 2022; it has taken until now to complete the formal application process.
  • This is an initial application only to seek permission to develop the site and gain access to it from Shenton Lane. The rest of the information in the application is subject to change – so don't assume that any development would be like that suggested in the application.
  • If this application is approved it will be impossible to stop the development at a later stage.
  • Many of the 'benefits' mentioned by developers (biodiversity, open space etc) are nothing more than legal requirements which any developer needs to provide.
  • The proposed development is outside the settlement boundary. It is in open countryside and the views from Shenton Lane would be severely impacted.
  • The extra traffic generated on Shenton Lane and Warwick Lane would exacerbate an already very difficult traffic problem, and have a negative impact on pedestrians.
  • The proposed development ignores the wishes of residents expressed in the Neighbourhood Plan, which was based on extensive consultation with residents and stakeholders and was supported by 89% of respondents in a referendum prior to its adoption.

Market Bosworth residents are not opposed to more housing development, but they are opposed to this housing development. The Neighbourhood Plan positively supports development of more housing, including affordable housing, it is careful not to undermine the character and rural feel of our small town. It designates a site for development of 100+ houses south of Station Road and plans for that development are expected shortly.

The application can be viewed on the HBBC website at:, select Planning – Simple Search and enter reference 22/00167/OUT.

What can you do?

Object to this application on the HBBC planning portal or by email to with a copy to (Include your name and address so that HBBC knows that you are a resident) and include the planning reference 22/00167/OUT as soon as possible.

The published date by which comments need to be received is Thursday 28th July, though it is likely that this will be extended due to being the holiday period. So please comment as soon as you are able.

What else can you do?

Pass this information on to anyone you know in Market Bosworth who may want to object and ask them to do so and to register to be kept up to date on this website at

Posted: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 10:06 by Cathy Monkman

Tags: Planning