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Hinckley & Bosworth Local Plan consultation

HBBC is preparing a new Local Plan, covering developments within the Borough up to 2039. The Plan has now been issued for a formal (Regulation 19) consultation and everyone in our community is now invited to make comments.

The Plan starts by saying:

The Hinckley & Bosworth Local Plan sets out the vision and objectives for the future form, scale and quality of development in the borough up to 2039. The plan:

  • Identifies land and areas for development for a broad range of uses;
  • Identifies areas that should be conserved or enhanced and where future development should be carefully managed;
  • Sets clear policies that guide decisions on planning applications; and
  • Indicates how the Plan will be delivered, including infrastructure, and how progress will be monitored.

Whilst the rhetoric appears positive, the rest of the document appears to ignore and disregard all efforts of the community of Market Bosworth.

Neither the Parish Council or Bosworth Vision Planning Group were consulted about the development proposals included in the document so our efforts to ensure provision of sustainable development whilst retaining a position as a tourist attraction and key driver for the growing economic tourism business within the Hinckley Borough region, do not appear to be considered.

We accept the need for and support sustainable housing development in Market Bosworth.

But Market Bosworth has already committed to exceed its Neighbourhood Plan target with 205 houses which equates to a 21% growth in housing stock. The Local Plan has now proposed an additional 243 houses bringing the total to 449 new homes, a 46% increase. This is a far higher percentage of housing development than any other settlement in the Borough.

The additional growth proposed will add pressure on our infrastructure and services. And all this proposed growth ignores the constant stream of speculative development proposals. If you include the current speculative proposals the total comes up to 769 new homes!

This is simply not sustainable. It will destroy not only the fabric and rural nature of the town but the community itself which has given so much to ensuring that Market Bosworth is such a beautiful place to live, work and visit.

This consultation runs until 5pm on Wednesday 23 March 2022.

The proposed Local Plan can be seen at Local Plan Reg 19 V5 08.02.22 Final

You can make comments by email to with a copy to (Include your name and address so that HBBC knows that you are a resident) by Wednesday 23 March 2022 at the latest

There is a standard set of Notes explaining what HBBC should do when preparing a Local Plan and guidance for commenting on it at Guidance Note For Consultation

When commenting on this draft Local Plan, it is worth considering:

  • Why has Market Bosworth been singled out so that we will have a significantly higher percentage increase in housing than other areas?
  • How is increasing Market Bosworth's housing numbers so significantly more sustainable than increases elsewhere?
  • Where is the evidence that the Parish Council has been consulted?
  • Where are the plans for improved roads to accommodate all the extra vehicle movements?
  • Where are the plans to improve public transport to cope?
  • What would be the impact on doctors, dentists and other health services?

If you believe that these proposed housing numbers are far too excessive for Market Bosworth please support us:

Posted: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 12:34 by Cathy Monkman

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