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Market Bosworth joins the digital age with free public wi-fi

Market Bosworth has hit the digital age with free public Wi-Fi installed in December and going live during January. The new Wi-Fi is completely free, allowing members of the public to access free Wi-Fi on their phones and tablets whilst within Market Bosworth town centre.

The Wi-Fi has been installed as a joint venture between Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, Market Bosworth Parish Council and with part funding from the Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. The idea has been driven by the Market Bosworth Business Group in partnership with The Dixie Grammar School, which is kindly hosting the system.

The Wi-Fi is designed to bring more people in to the village centre and allow them to spend more time there as they will be able to access the internet during shopping/leisure or whilst at work. It will also be able to help tourists who visit the historic town.

To access the Wi-Fi on your smartphone/tablet all you need to do is connect to "Market Bosworth Free Wi-Fi" and then log in via Facebook or an online form which will then open up the free Wi-Fi to use in Market Bosworth.

The Wi-Fi has been installed by a local Hinckley company, Elephant Wi-Fi, who will also be hosting and maintaining the services.

Phil Bowman, Chair of Bosworth Business Group said: "The development of the free Wi-Fi in Market Bosworth brings the town into the digital age and means we can keep up with the competition. The access to free Wi-Fi will enable people to access the internet whilst they are in the town and get on with their daily lives and will also help tourists who visit Market Bosworth. This should also help the businesses by attracting more people into the towns and allowing visitors to stay for longer. "

John Wasteney, Chair of Market Bosworth Parish Council said: "This is great news for the people of Market Bosworth as well as the businesses. We are really excited to be at the forefront of technology and we are really pleased that the Parish Council, Businesses, the Grammar School and the Borough Council have all worked together to make this project happen."

Richard Lynn, Headmaster at The Dixie Grammar School said: "We are extremely proud that we could work in partnership with the local Business Group, Parish Council and Borough Council to bring this technology into Bosworth. The system will benefit the community and we are happy that we could help."

This scheme builds on the success of the free Wi-Fi in Barwell and Hinckley town centres.

Posted: Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:58 by Cathy Monkman

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