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Bosworth in Bloom 2016

Clerk: Cathy Monkman
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Bosworth, Nuneaton
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Trees on Springfield Avenue

Trees on Springfield Avenue

A recent routine survey of trees around Market Bosworth carried out by the County Council's Forestry team found an unacceptable risk of hazard in several of the trees on the service road island on Springfield Avenue.

Most of the trees are in good health but some required remedial pruning work and removal of dead branches from within their canopies. Unfortunately, two sycamores were identified as being in acute decline. One of the trees was felled due to an extensive cavity in the main trunk and excessive die back of the branch structure. The other sycamore is to be retained for as long as is practical. The felled tree will be replaced.

Posted: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 12:03 by Cathy Monkman

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