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Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan contains a vision of the future of Market Bosworth, objectives, aspirations and a set of planning policies.

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan was adopted at referendum in September 2015.

Full details of the Plan, progress to date and an upcoming review can be found on the Parish Council's Bosworth Vision website

The review is being led by a working party of the Parish Council, the Bosworth Vision Planning Group. The Terms of Reference for the group are below, along with the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan as adopted in 2015.

A Design Brief and a Tree & Hedgerow Survey have been completed to accompany the Neighbourhood Plan. The Design Brief provides additional guidance as to the type of development to be permitted on the site allocated for development south of Heath Road / Station Road. The Tree & Hedgerow Survey identifies local trees and hedgerows of intrinsic value to the character of Market Bosworth.

A further supporting document is the Housing Needs Assessment produced in July 2020.

  • Station Field Design Brief (PDF, 4.3 Mb)

    This document is the Station Field Design Brief which provides outline guidance as to the development of Station Field

  • Tree & Hedgerow Survey 2018 (PDF, 9 Mb)

    This document is the Tree and Hedgerow Survey 2018 which identifies important trees and hedgerows within Market Bosworth which are valued for their contribution to the environment of the parish and considered worthy of being granted tree preservation order status

  • Tree Preservation Order Application document (PDF, 2.1 Mb)

    The Tree Preservation Order Application document related to the Tree & Hedgerow Survey 2018

  • Market Bosworth Housing Needs Assessment (PDF, 795 Kb)

    The Market Bosworth Housing Needs Assessment which was completed by external consultancy AECOM in July 2020 and has been submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. The document identifies housing needs within the parish.

Latest news

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies various aspirational projects for the parish: a town centre traffic scheme; construction of a safe footpath to the Water Park; adoption of a Local Heritage Asset List; a review of Tree Preservation Orders; a hedgerow review; creation of improved access to the countryside; and improved mobile phone and broadband reception.

Aspirational projects completed are: works to construct a footway to the Water Park; introduction of new waiting restrictions on Barton Road, Sutton Lane and Station Road outside the Community Library; extension of superfast broadband to many more properties within the parish; and completion of a detailed Tree and Hedgerow Survey.

Meanwhile, a draft Local Heritage Asset List has been submitted to the Borough Council for consideration and works have commenced in co-operation with Leicestershire County Council Highways in respect of the town centre redevelopment project.

In 2020 an independent Housing Needs Assessment was carried out by an external consultancy funded by Locality. The new Housing Needs Assessment shows that our Housing Needs Figure to 2026 is 108 new dwellings. These can readily be accommodated on the designated Station Field site identified in the Neighbourhoood Plan.

The Masterplan for this site produced by the landowners in conjunction with the Parish Council and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council went out to public consultation in December 2020 and has been adopted.