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Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan contains a vision of the future of Market Bosworth, objectives, aspirations and a set of planning policies.

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan was adopted at referendum in September 2015. A minor review of the Plan was undertaken in 2020 and public consultation on a major review of the Plan is currently underway.

More details of the Plan, progress to date and review can be found on the Parish Council's Bosworth Vision website and on Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council's website

The review has been led by a working party of the Parish Council, the Bosworth Vision Planning Group. The Terms of Reference for the group are below, along with the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan as adopted in 2015.

Progress on the modification of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan

All details of the progress on the modification of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council's website.

Minor review

In 2020 a review was undertaken of how well the Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and whether it accords with national planning policy and the Borough Council's Local Plan. It was concluded that no updates were necessary other than publishing the housing need assessment of July 2020 which will be an important material consideration in applying the housing policies of the plan.

Major review

The Parish Council has now embarked on what is termed a 'major' review of the Neighbourhood Plan. Since the designation of the previous neighbourhood plan area, the parish boundary has been amended because of a Community Governance Review in 2015. As part of the neighbourhood plan review, the Parish Council applied for the designated neighbourhood area to follow the current parish boundary of Market Bosworth. The old neighbourhood area has been de-designated and the amended neighbourhood area has been designated.

The re-designated area becomes the Neighbourhood Plan Area in the Modified Neighbourhood Plan.

A Draft Modified Neighbourhood Plan has now been produced for the Plan Period 2020 - 2039 to align with the Hinckley and Bosworth Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan has proved to be very effective in helping to reject a number of speculative development proposals which go against the expressed wishes of the community. This modified version updates the first Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan which was made in 2015 and subsequently had a minor update.

It is necessary to update the Plan now in line with current planning guidelines and ensure that the Plan is robust in terms of planning requirements as it is more than 2 years old.

Apart from the change in timeframe and ensuring that the Plan conforms to the latest version of all the policy and planning documents the modifications are relatively slight, though the layout and appearance have changed.

There are no changes to the Vision, Aims or Objectives of the Plan but some policies will be slightly modified and there will be some additional policies to reflect today's world.

This modified Plan commenced the Regulation 14 Consultation on 1 September. The following documents outline your opportunities to comment on the Modified Plan. These are:

The draft modified Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents as follows:

The following Core Documents are associated with Policies in the draft Modified Plan

The following Background Documents provide supporting evidence for the draft Modified Plan

Aspirational projects

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies various aspirational projects for the parish: a town centre traffic scheme; construction of a safe footpath to the Water Park; adoption of a Local Heritage Asset List; a review of Tree Preservation Orders; a hedgerow review; creation of improved access to the countryside; and improved mobile phone and broadband reception.

Aspirational projects completed are: works to construct a footway to the Water Park; introduction of new waiting restrictions on Barton Road, Sutton Lane and Station Road outside the Community Library; extension of superfast broadband to many more properties within the parish; and completion of a detailed Tree and Hedgerow Survey.

Meanwhile, the Masterplan for the Neighbourhood Plan allocated site produced by the landowners in conjunction with the Parish Council and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council went out to public consultation in December 2020 and has been adopted.